My favorite read aloud is the Secret Zoo. I like the Secret  Zoo because it has a great message  and its all about friendship. The story is about  Noah's sister Megan is missing and they need to find her. Noah has a grup called the Scouts. The Scouts need to go on this big mission to find Noah's sister Megan. It's a great story. I think evry body should read it.
On May 1st it was May Day and Allison's  birthday. We sang and danced in front of the whole school and our parents. We did the dance Molokai slide. We were big risk takers performing in front of the whole school and our parents. After our May Day performance we were really hot and tired. But sense it was Allison's birthday she brought special treats. She brought Luigi's Ice popsicles. I had a great May Day.

My favorite shave ice is rootbeer,lemonade,bubble gum.
I like those flavors because there are really good,I like the colors of them,they are really refreshing. I love shave ice!!

My Grass Haiku Poem

Sways through the cold wind
Gets cut to tiny pieces
The sky waters me
My Starfish Haiku Poem

Tube feet help me move
Deep in the Abyss I glow
Not fish no back bone





I have a pet cat. He is so cute. He is playful and fun. I love my cat.


I have pet Guinea pigs. They are so cut. There my families little lawn mowers.