Tangerine dream orange tast dreamy and sweet and the flavor melts in your mouth. Tangerine dream orange feels a little squooshy and a little cold. like iced watter.  Tangerine dream orange smells like the smell of a flower patch at twilight.  Tangerine dream looks like the sun a sundown.  Tangerine dream orange sounds like the wind soaring through the breeze.  I love Tangerine dream orange!                            -   Published by Isabella Ford
3/20/2013 09:04:04 am

Wow, this is a really great post Isabella,I really like it. I love how you added lots of details to your post.That is super cool.I see that when you made this post,you worked on it so hard and that is why it is super good.Did you work on it by your self or with a friend?
Meghan,your blogging buddy and friend.

3/28/2013 08:52:58 am

I like it so much that I want to hear more because it is so awesome.

5/22/2013 05:54:17 pm

Thanks i can't wait to go on your blog.


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