and  played at the park with them.And that night I saw some of my Anty& Uncles. The next day we played and hanged out.We were really exited because the next day was the wedding and today was the rehearsal for the wedding and a special dinner. so now I went to the rehersal and it was fun!!!!! After was the dinner that was fun to!!!!! The next day evry body was exited but there was a long wait because the wedding wasent until the after noon. So wile we were waiting we went on a lobster bout!!!!!!!!! we held lobster and saw seals!!!!!When it was over we got ice cream!!! Then we went to the hotel and got ready. I took a shower so it would be easier to brush my hair.Then I got my dress and zoomed into the car. Then we turned on the radio and waited until we got there. We got a little lost but we found our way. When we got there we went inside and asked a guy to sit on a bench and tell people not to come in. Then my cousin the bride got dressed. When she was done geting dressed she looked so pretty!! Then we went up staits and the weeding started. i was so nervous  but it was fun too! After we hung out and played. I dident want to say good bye but I had to. I had lots of fu I hope I can be a flower girl agen.
9/25/2012 08:22:16 am

Cool now what you did

3/20/2013 12:12:48 am

That sound like an awesome vacation!


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