This summer I went on a trip to acople places. First I went to conedecit and I  saw grama and grampa. And sometimes I  would go to NYC.  Then I went to newhasher  and I stade in my unt Elens houes and stade  for 2 days.Then I went to mane and stade in a hotel. The next day I saw some of my cosins  
9/24/2012 04:51:40 pm

Reading this makes me miss all the fun adventures we had together this summer. Keep writing. I love reading your stories!!!

Mrs. Alexich
9/25/2012 10:13:07 am

Wow, we have something in common. I also have relatives that live on the East Coast. Some live in Liverpool, New York, and others in Florida and Ohio.

Sidney da bomb
9/26/2012 02:21:03 pm

that is so cool izzie!!!! Keep on working on it!!!! It rocks!!!!!!


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