My favorite shave ice is rootbeer,lemonade,bubble gum.
I like those flavors because there are really good,I like the colors of them,they are really refreshing. I love shave ice!!

My Grass Haiku Poem

Sways through the cold wind
Gets cut to tiny pieces
The sky waters me
My Starfish Haiku Poem

Tube feet help me move
Deep in the Abyss I glow
Not fish no back bone





I have a pet cat. He is so cute. He is playful and fun. I love my cat.


I have pet Guinea pigs. They are so cut. There my families little lawn mowers.


I like lots of cool stuf. My favrite animal is a Polar Bear.


The ocean is a huge place. It has lots of living creaturs. It has something called the Abyss and the continental shelf and the continental slope. The ocean is a amazing place.


I like polar bears. I think they are so cute. Polar bears have white fur.


The smallest octopus is called the California octopus. The California octopus is 3/8 inches. When an octopus loses an arm its arm grows back. They can not hear.  It is very slimy and it has a beak.

On Easter I went to the beach and joged to the end of the beach with my Mom and Dad and brother. When we got to the  end we were surrounded by shells! Me and Dad hade pocets so we started stufing our pocets with shells. Then we went back home and got ready for the Easter party. We walked down to the beach agien beacase our friends house is right in front of all of the shells. We hade lots of fun and it was very joyful. I want to go back to the part of the beach that has sheels agien soon!