This is what I mad out of play doe.
This is the pond in my house. I had 4 fish then 2 gave berth. Then 4 fish gave berth. Then 4 more gave berth. So now I have 14 fish in my pond.
This is the map of Hawaii and my school. To zoom in press +. To zoom out press -. My island is O 'ahu. There are 7 islands in Hawaii.
Tangerine dream orange tast dreamy and sweet and the flavor melts in your mouth. Tangerine dream orange feels a little squooshy and a little cold. like iced watter.  Tangerine dream orange smells like the smell of a flower patch at twilight.  Tangerine dream looks like the sun a sundown.  Tangerine dream orange sounds like the wind soaring through the breeze.  I love Tangerine dream orange!                            -   Published by Isabella Ford