Today my class and I had a celebration because it is the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!  Everybody brought in 100 different edible things to school.  And we played games.  Every table group got a puzzle with 100 pieces in it.  Our group was the 2nd one to finish.  After we had art.  After that we had resess then we needed to go back to the class and our teacher told us to get this sheet of paper and infer where we would end up if we took 100 steps. I infered I could go to the lunch room. Then I lined up and started walking and counting. I ended up really really really close to the lunch room. Then we went back to the class and dumped our 100 snack in and then we got a cup of it and ate it.  Then we got seconds. Then we started listening to I AM A GUMMY BEAR!!. Then we went home.  I had a great day!!

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